19 Year Anniversary – It isn’t impossible!

19 Year Anniversary – It isn’t impossible!

Typically I try to stick to business related topics on my blog as this will really be the 2nd post I think I have posted that is more personal in nature. As of today I have been married to my wife Lori for 19 years! It is hard to believe that 19 years ago we were getting married, I had just taken final exams at Lake City C.C and we were moving off to Colorado to do my internship at Cordillera Valley Club.

Lori and I got married really young (she was 19 and I was 21). We knew there was talking in the background that this relationship would never last and while it hasn’t been easy what relationship is? Then add me into the mix and it really gets complicated. If I were married to someone like me I don’t know if I would have made it, so I think Lori deserves a trophy ( I hear you all John, Carlos, David, Rusty, Mike, etc saying you got that right). Life hasn’t been easy, we have lost some family and friends, we have had our arguments, we have had our tough times, we have wondered how we are going to pay our rent, and we have a lot of disagreements, but in the end I think we realize that the things we all argue about tend to be very small things in relation to the positive things in life. Things such as our children, our family, our friends and the simple fact that we are still here to continue enjoying our life when many others don’t have that opportunity.

My wife is the reason I am where I am today and probably the same can be said for many of us. She has been a part of every business I have dreamed up, and there have been a lot. She listens to my frustrations, when I talk about them, she deals with my good days and my bad days as do I hers. You know the preacher reminds us in our wedding vows what we are signing up for: sickness and in health, richer or poorer, etc. I mean the words are said for a reason and most of the time it’s because we will experience all of it.

I hate to admit this but it’s true, she wakes up at 4:30 am with me every morning and sends me off, I mean I am not the greatest person first thing in the morning but I don’t know many wives that will do that and it has been going on for many years. While I probably should tell her this a lot more often I think we get caught up with our busy lives that it is easy to miss the little things. If we think all want those things but we never find time to express them. The job of an equipment manager is a fairly thankless job. You hear about the problems everyone has but not a lot of successes and that’s what many of our wives deal with every day as well. There is a campaign going on now called #thankasuperintendent maybe it really should be #thankawife

In closing I felt that instead of reading about the failed marriages from those who get married young maybe it was worth reading about one that didn’t fail and that while things get tough sometimes we are built to handle it if we choose to do so. Love you Wife and Happy Anniversary……. Your Husband!



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