Busy Week

The last few weeks have been quite busy. I just put together an equipment proposal and presentation for our Director of Finance at the club. All went well on that front then dove into putting together my budget before taking off for 3 days to attend John Deere Feedback in North Carolina.

This is my 3rd opportunity to attend feedback and while I can’t say much about it due to “non disclosure agreement” it was a great program. The program was much smaller than in the past but it gave you more of an opportunity to speak with the engineers on a more personal basis about the equipment. I would not say there is a huge amount of technology coming in the future but there are certainly some improvements. I think it would be great to see more manufacturers taking this approach to equipment design and development. Most programs are centered around Superintendents with no disrespect they don’t work on it most of the time. If you want to learn about the mistakes you have made or ideas on future direction of equipment talk to the ones who work on it.

In addition to this I am diving back into IGCEMA work and beginning a new project. This project will be a huge step for the IGCEMA moving forward and I am looking forward to talking more about that in the future. I am looking forward to getting invloved again and seeing what we can achieve.

Over the next month I will begin working on improving our operation here at The Four Seasons. We will be getting organized and better prepared to handle next season. With the Byron Nelson Championship coming in May I expect us to be much better positioned this time around. Look for our improvements on the blog very soon.

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