Is Your Day Journal Worthy?

I haven’t written much lately I would say my 65-70 hours a week at work and responsibilities both at home and with the IGCEMA have prevented me from being able to write much lately. However, it also has given me time to think. I attendend our new employee orientation a few weeks ago and as I was trying to figure out where I have time to fit that in I was also wondering as a tranfer within the company why would I need it? I mean I have heard it all before just all packaged in different ways and right now we have a golf course renovation that needs me! Well of course I was wrong yet again. I mean I have heard the leadership seminars, I have attended loads of leadership training etc. However none of that prepared me for what I was about to hear.

I have to give all the props to Todd Williams our Corporate trainer at Four Seasons because this statement was a homerun. He asked the question “Is your day journal worthy?” Now I don’t know about others but I am a man I don’t write a journal or keep a diary. If it’s important I remember it and if it’s not I don’t. Now he wasn’t asking me if I kept a journal or pushing me to keep one what he was asking I think is, am I doing anything throughout my day that is worthy of writing down in a journal? Now that struck a cord for me because I feel like I have very productive days and get lots done. However would I write any of what I do everyday in a journal? Rarely…..Is it that important? So I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now. I do a lot of things that I believe are important and lend themselves to helping us achieve our goals but I don’t think everyday I do something that I feel is good enough to write down. Is that bad?

Do you live each day worthy of a journal entry?

Do you live each day worthy of a journal entry?

Well I think yes it is bad. Having been through quite a few challenging times over the last few years I do realize how precious life is but how am I living mine? How are you living yours? Are all of your days journal worthy? It has made me realize that we need to make every day count. We don’t get unlimited days on earth. We don’t know which day will be our last. So shouldn’t we live each and every day with purpose? Shouldn’t we set out every morning excited that we have another day to go? Think about it.

Also everyone is always looking forward to their day off. Really how many days off do you have that are bad? Most of our days off are exciting we are going to the beach, or hang out with the kids, watch some college football, whatever it is you do on your day off. It is something we look forward to. Well what if we looked at going to work the same way we look at our days off? What if everyday we wake up ready to go and excited to see what is going to happen today or who we are going to meet? We have bad days because we choose to have them. Now some personal circumstances cannot be overcome but aren’t there those days when we go to work and we feel like nothing is going right, or no one is listening, or no one cares? Then we go home and feel the same thing is happening at home? It’s happening because we are quick to judge and most of the time we make a lot more out of things than they really are. However on our days off does that stuff matter? We are much easier going on our day off. We tend to let things just happen and why is that? Because it is our day off of course. So what if we decide to wake up every morning like it’s our day off and we go to work relaxed and set to enjoy the day. We let the bad attitudes just brush off, we work relaxed, we don’t stress ourselves out, and why because we look at it as it’s our day off. How much better would life be? How much better would our work and home relationships be? Would we make better decisions relaxed or stressed out? Would our communication come accross as pleasant or rude? Now imagine if everyone did that? Everyone talks about change. Presidents talk about it, owners talk about it, preachers talk about it, but the only one that controls change is each and every one of us.

So in the spirit of all these ice bucket challenges and such I would like to challenge everyone to live your day worthy enough to be a journal entry. If you do that you will find things out about yourself and others that could change your life.

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