Going Outside of Golf for PM Program

Over the last 3-4 months I have really struggled with our PM program. I have decided in this post not to really express all my dislikes with the current program but to concentrate on what I have found and what I like about the new one both good and bad.

A PM program is an important tool for managing your fleet, parts inventory and understanding your labor. Now that we are in budget preparation season it is really important to be able to pull the data you need to support the next years budget. It is also important that it isn’t a time consuming process to enter that data all year long. It is also important that the PM program works properly and allows you to record all the data you want to collect the way you want to collect it. In the golf industry there are a few programs out there and to date I struggle with them all not because of how complex they are but with how time consuming they can be, or how flawed they are, or the requirement to go to multiple days of training just to get it set-up. I mean it should be that difficult to understand how a program works and if it is then is the program going to last? So I decided to look outside of golf for a program and have found one that I settled on called Fiix!

I dad have some criteria that I was looking to accomplish with the new program.

  • Needs to be administratively light – meaning I can’t be spending hours on end entering data, making work orders, etc. etc.
  • I wanted it to have the ability to be utilized using an iPad or iPhone.
  • I wanted it to be fairly priced understanding that many programs outside of golf are expensive and feature heavy.
  • I wanted my techs to be able to generate their own work orders on the fly. Meaning they should have to come to me when they see something and have me create another work order for them and they should be able to do it in the app.
  • I wanted them to be able to see something else wrong on a piece of equipment and be able to add it to an existing work order without making a new one.
  • I wanted parts inventory and tracking.
  • I wanted tiered permissions based on the employee and to assign work orders either to the technician team or an individual on the team. If assigned to an individual didn’t want the rest of the team to see them.

Fiix does a lot of the above very well. The program has a no cost app that my team can do work orders, add work orders and even submit a parts order to me for approval. Something that in the past they would have to write down and bring me to create a PO for.

The program also has a dashboard that allows you to see an overview of where the team is behind or what items still need to be worked on. I am hoping I can get this installed on a TV in our shop so the team can see where we are and what is coming up.

Set-up, just like any program, does take time. You have to get the fleet entered and the PM schedules but just like the other programs you can create it for one piece and copy it for all like pieces which drastically reduces input time. You will also want to enter in your parts with pricing. I started only with the items we use in the PM program and will continue to add them on new orders and as we go.

Another thing I like is I can set-up things that happen every week. As an example quality of cut checks happen 3 days a week on tee mowers and fairway mowers so I can set the system up to automatically create work orders on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for this task. It again minimizes the amount of admin work that has to be done by automating the tasks that repeat.

I also like that the system will group the parts that need to be ordered by the vendor they need to be ordered from. Once they are in the system it will provide you a parts ordering dashboard that shows you what items need to be ordered where if you wanted you could also automatically send the supplier the order via email (we dont use that option due to our internal PO system).

In addition the system will create QR codes for all equipment and parts so when you are servicing something you take your phone or ipad scan the QR code on the machine and the info on the machine comes up. Saving your need to scroll through and find what your looking for. Again much more efficient.

Finally the one thing that I don’t like is that obviously we have to manually get hours on machines each week which sucks but it is much faster as just scanning the QR code and entering the hours keeps you from scrolling and finding machines.

The cost of the program is $55 per user per month and so it is kind of pricey compared to what we use in the golf buisness but I certainly think the efficiency of the program more than makes up for the higher cost. We will be utilizing 4 users (3 techs and myself) so we are around $220 per month.

The one thing I have not tested that I think is a great feature is there is a way guests can submit issues with machines. SO maybe another post in the future on how we get that implemented where our staff can report machine issues themselves in the future.

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