Is it Hard to Want More?

As I look around and continue to try and find new inventive ways of doing things I am just taken back on how so many people are ok with the status quo. Throughout my career I have always wanted more, or better and have not been satisfied with the norm. The minute I stop pushing everything becomes boring! So I figured instead of writing about equipment I wanted to talk a little about success. I don’t look at myself with a sense of accomplishment or even success I feel that is something to do once all is done and accomplished. What I don’t get is people who feel that it is ok to accept mediocre or to accept things being done the way they always have. Our life on this earth is short why wouldn’t you want to improve it or make a difference in something or someone. This could be from small things in your personal life to running a company.

I read an article  a few months ago that talked about how a few manufacturers are ok with doing things like they have done them and are really not looking to make any changes to their machines. How is this a path for success? How can you run a company and be satisfied with doing things the same way all the time without making improvements or wanting more?

I live from day to day trying to find something I can fix, improve, invent or change. Sometimes those things are in my personal life other times they are work related but is their any other way to live? I think everyone is here to make a difference somewhere somehow but if we always go in and punch the clock and never look at things to improve well then how do we all get better or how do you make any impact with your life while you are here? Doesn’t life get boring if you are ok with how things are and you don’t have the drive to make a difference in something? I find that if you want to be a success in life. If once you retire and you look back at what you have done there should be a list of things that you have made a significant contribution to improving. If you can’t do that then what’s it all for? A nicer house or car? How do those things make an impact on others? When you are gone will people remember the nice car you had or the impact you made on someone or something?

In conclusion I believe that we need to quit being satisifed with the way things are and come up with ways to make it better. I believe the only stupid idea is one you never tried. I also think if you are the person that likes to watch everyone else do the work while you stand back then life will pass you by. If you want to be proud of who you are and what you have done when you retire then you need to get up and do something about it and quit watching everyone else.

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