The Job Board for Golf Maintenance

I put out a twitter post on our new job board system we are using yesterday and there was tons of interest regarding it so I figured I would share more about it in a blog post just to give everyone some idea of how it works.

Job Board Display

To start off with I was looking for something a few months ago to just simply display the job board on a T.V or projection screen with the goal of being able to edit the board from home or out in the field when needed. I looked at a lot of different things that were already being done but just wasn’t satisfied with what we were finding. So I went on the “Google Search” and found Advanced Scoreboards. I was a little apprehensive about it because I felt price wise it was fairly expensive and like most software programs I have found in our business many of them are very glitchy. They offered a free trial so we tested it for about a month. At that time we were planning our renovation of the shop and didn’t really have the display yet. One of the other things we began doing was we wanted to record all of our job tasks and how long it took to do them to give us some justification down the road if we were ever asked where our labor dollars went. In the past we have just always tracked this in an excel spreadsheet that took average times and spread them over how many days a week we did them. While it worked it was yet another spread sheet that had to get filled out everyday.


Admin Panel

So we began using the ASB program and I was impressed with it. It was very well thought out. The one thing about our buisness is that we don’t need anything that takes us more time every day to do. Here are some quick features that I think are the highlights:

  • You can enter staff and their wages in the system. (It is permission based so not everyone has access to that info)
  • You can put job tasks up in advance of the day you are working on.
  • It is web/cloud based. This allows us the ability to update it from anywhere at anytime.
  • If you are using a WiFi television you need nothing else to hook it up except WiFi in the shop. No cables, no CAT5 port, nothing.
  • You can create job groups for every job task done at your facility.
  • You can enter the time it takes to complete that job task and edit it daily if you wish otherwise it assigns the given value.
  • As you assign an employee to a job task it calculates the wages, time spent, etc so you can run a report on things like how much labor is spent on maintaining bunkers. (amazing all the time spent on maintaining a “Hazard”)
  • The best of all you can access this on your iPhone or other mobile device in the field and make changes without having to drive in off the golf course. One thing I wondered was if we would have to refresh the web browser on the TV when we made changes and the answer is no. With the site being run from the cloud it is always connected and searching for updated data so within a minute or so the job, note, etc is updated for the employee to see.

Reporting Options

Long story short I love it. I think it’s a huge time saver if you track things like we do. We set the job board every day and then erase it. All that data lost! Now every day you set-up your job board you can be tracking the data and have a place where you can go back and look what was done the day prior. You can set others with access to assign job tasks and the greatest thing is it takes less time than writing it on the board. If you look at the pictures it allows you to set your mowing directions, auto generates the weather report for your area I think it’s great.


Fairway Report


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