Toro Fairway DPA Eccentric Adjustment Kit Update

Just to keep everyone up to date on the Toro Fairway DPA Eccentric Adjustment kit I have been made aware that this kit will be available in around the July 2012 time frame. The part number for the kit is 125-0570. Please keep in mind these are not available now so if you call your dealer they will not know anything about it until at least July.

Toro will not be making these standard for their cutting units but only available as a kit. The reason being is the kit is only being made available for those individuals who require an ability to perfect their cutting units down to .001’s of an inch. I would like to personally thank The Toro Company for their willingness to provide this invaluable part to take setting up our cutting units to the next level.

Part Number 125-0570

This part will work on the following machines: (RM3100, RM52/54/55/5610, RM65/6700, and RM7000) DPA cutting units

On another subject in the next few weeks I will be adding some more information on how we will be setting our Turf Compensations Springs on the 5410. I will be testing the cutting units unlike any I have done before so stay tuned for that.

Previous Toro 5410 Cut Results
Next 2012 Byron Nelson Championship

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