Who’s Behind the Scenes – Part 2

As I am preparing to enter my last 2 weeks at the Four Seasons in Dallas I wanted to also highlight my other 2 assistants that have helped us get to where we are. The first is Jose Martinez. Jose has been working at the property for right at 25 years. He has seen managers come and go as well as philosophies on how things should go. Jose brings a lot to the table and is our go to person when it comes to getting things back up and running and out in the field again. Jose also is in charge of our rough mowers and making sure all blades are sharp and the machines are functioning as intended. Jose is a great person and is willing to do whatever he can to help anyone at anytime. You will not find a nicer person to work with.

My lead technician in the shop is Jose Delgado. Jose has worked as an head technician in the past and brings a lot of experience to the Four Seasons. Jose is in charge of our major repairs, cutting units, and making sure we are getting things completed to stay on schedule. Jose has a great personality and is eager to continue learning. He also is not afraid to tell you what is needed for us to be successful. Delgado takes great pride in his work and expects the same from our other technicians as well as our staff.

I have been very blessed the past 2 years working with guys that really cared about improving our operation. It’s really easy to have a plan but it takes a team to execute it. The best thing about it all is that the world gets to see how much better we get every year as host of the Byron Nelson Championship. I could not have been prouder of my team and I am looking forward to seeing what else they can do in the years to come. Congrats guys on a great tournament!

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