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The services listed below are common services that are requested. I believe every situation is different and requires a different program based on a facilities need.

Employee Safety Program Development

  • Creation of employee training documents broken out into levels. Allows for employee training progression, turnkey program and will also include club logos. All training materials will be delivered in pdf format.
  • Creation of Job Safety Analysis Sheets (JSA’s) that correspond with the training levels.
  • Will provide a sample Standard Operating Procedure for job task procedures in Microsoft Word format.

Facility Layout Recommendations

  • Will provide a layout drawing of the overall facility as well as recommended rooms. This will include positions for all shop related tools and related equipment, painted walkways, etc.
  • Will also include a list of recommended workshop needs as well as related costs. Examples (workbenches, grinders, lifts, nuts and bolts, etc.)
  • Will also provide layout drawings for individual rooms if requested.
  • Can also provide recommended sizes for each room.

Equipment Manager Search

  • Would include advertising of position, searching for qualified candidates, and submitting those recommended for internal review.
  • Would be willing to be on hand for the interview process of candidates for one day.

On Site Consulting Services (Typically 2 days)

  • Site visit that would include the following:
  • Review of golf course quality of cut, layout and challenges.
  • Review of facility.
  • Meeting with Equipment Manager and assistant technicians.
  • Meeting with Management Team. (GM, Superintendent, Director of Golf)
  • Written report on potential opportunities for improvement within 7 – 10 days.

Equipment Evaluation (Typically 2-3 days)

  • Evaluate current equipment fleet w/ Equipment Manager (age, hours, condition)
  • Meet with Superintendent to review Agronomic plan. (hours it takes to complete tasks related to equipment)
  • Evaluate equipment needs. (Qty. of equipment needed on hand)
  • Provide a written 10 year plan for equipment replacement. (Can take up to 30 days.)

Equipment Negotiation

  • Negotiate equipment deal on your company’s behalf with all equipment manufacturers.
  • Negotiate equipment residual values. (Requires a site visit)
  • Negotiate interest rates with main financial golf players.


Do you have other needs that are not listed above? Let me know and if it is out of my realm of expertise I will forward you to the right person.


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