Turf Equipment Management Seminars

1. Managing Your Fleet in a Tough Economy – (1 – 2 Hours)

In this seminar we discuss how to properly manage an equipment fleet with rising costs and decreasing budgets. Learn new ways to evaluate your fleet, save money, and get the most out of your equipment.

2. Organization of a Workshop – (1 Hour)

In this seminar we talk about how to properly organize your workshop from laying out your equipment and tools to managing your parts room. In this presentation we look at well maintained facilities and talk about the benefits to being organized.

3. How to Save Money Leasing / Purchasing Equipment Fleets – (1 – 2 hours)

In this seminar we talk about the pros and cons of leasing vs purchasing equipment. We break down the actual costs and talk through the financial impact making the right decision has on your facility.

4. Equipment Maintenance Strategies for Declining Budgets (1 – 2 Hours) w/ Mike Kriz

In this seminar we talk about strategies to maintaining equipment from the lease/purchase aspect to the preventive maintenance practices employed by facilities.

5. Hiring a Qualified Equipment Manager (1 – 2 Hours) w/ Mike Kriz

In this seminar we talk about strategies to interviewing and hiring the right equipment technician for your property. How do you know who is qualified, what your looking for or how to keep them when once you have them employed? This seminar will help you figure that out.

6. Cutting Units 101 (1 – 2 Hours)

In this seminar we will talk about the basics of cutting units from how to install your bedknife on the bedbar to the little things you should be looking for when setting up the reel each and every time you do it. This seminar will get you started on the road to success when setting up your reels.

7. Cutting Units 201 (1 – 2 Hours)

In this seminar we will talk about the advanced strategies to setting up cutting units. From paralleling to setting up for a PGA Tour event. There is no doubt you will walk away from this seminar having seen some things that will make you rethink how you set-up cutting units.

8. Tournament Preparation for the Equipment Manager (1 Hour)

In this seminar we discuss preparing for a PGA Tour event from the perspective of an equipment manager. Talking about the months leading up to the event, advanced week, and tournament week.

9. Tech Skills w/ John Cunningham (1 – 2 Hours)

In this seminar we talk about looking at the skills needed to be an equipment manager and whether we are concentrating on the right ones. This seminar is for both Superintendents and their equipment technicians.

10. Superintendent / Technician Communication  w/ John Cunningham (1 – 2 Hours)

In this seminar we discuss the communication pitfalls between superintendent and equipment manager and how to improve. We give examples of common issues and ways to solve the problem to create a better team oriented operation.




Want to put together another seminar topic that you do not see? Let me know what topic you would like to see a seminar developed on.





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