Leveling of the John Deere QA5 Reel

In this video we will go through and advanced leveling process on the QA5 cutting unit.

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Grinding a John Deere QA5 Bedknife

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  1. Bill Stein
    August 19, 14:24 Reply

    I just came across this and your videos. Very well done!

    We are mostly all QA5 here and struggle to get the reel chassis squared. We lose spring tension in the adjusters and find it tough to find that perfect spot again where things are just right. Thoughts on this? I’d love to hear your technique. John Deere doesn’t publish much on this.

    • admin
      August 19, 14:38 Reply

      Thanks for the comments. I am guessing you have the QA5 that doesn’t have the dowl pin in the side sheets that keeps the frame in position? This is something that was added by John Deere in the last few years to help combat that issue. I have the new ones now but what we did was loosened everything, also keep in consideration the eccentric bolts both need to be centered as well on the front roller, and assembled it back on the leveling table you seen in the video making sure when we tightened everything back up it remained square. Now most don’t have a granite surface plate, you can pick them up at http://www.turfaddict.com , so I do remember there being a procedure that John Deere put out regarding it. Maybe worth talking to your dealer and having them send their recommendations over as well. I can tell you the ones in the video are the old ones and utilizing this procedure I rarely saw the issues you are talking about. Hope that helps somewhat.

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