Communication, Communication, Communication

I believe one of the keys to success not only in the golf business but life in general is communication. Let’s face it if you can’t communicate well you are less likely to be successful. Whether it is trying to explain your point of view, explaining why you need to make a purchase or simply communicating with your staff. If you cannot do it successfully then you will get no where.

One thing I have started to implement here at The Four Seasons is a report on where we are in the Equipment Management Department. I feel that no one will know what you are doing, what improvements have been made or the issues that come up unless it is communicated. So what I am doing is putting together a quarterly report which I send to our Director of Grounds, Director of Golf, Club Manager and our management staff such as Assistant Superintedents and Superintedents of the courses. There are a few reasons I have decided to put this together. The first is that no one knows what you are doing unless you tell them. You can’t expect that everyone is going to realize what you do on a daily basis or in what ways you are contributing to the success of the club. I feel by doing a quarterly report you can share the good things, the challenges and whats to come. I believe doing these types of things not only gain you credability with your employer and your colleagues but it serves as a reminder of the things you have done over the years. Check out the example first page of the report I did below:


Winter Report On Equipment Management

Typically my report is 3-4 pages that includes photos and explinations of what has been accomplished and why. No one wants to know whats been done without an explination of why whats been done is important. I believe this is a great way to keep the club informed on what you are doing so they can realize the impact that your position has on the operation.

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