It’s All About the People!

It’s All About the People!

It’s been a little while since I have written on this subject and it seems that more and more of what I write is less about being an equipment manager and more about “The People” but maybe “The People” are what an equipment manager is about? Or any position really.

I have thought a lot about this subject over the last few months as I continue to figure out my own future. I realize that over the last 5 years or so I have really spent a lot less time worrying about that and a lot more time being concerned about my teams future. I have realized that the older I get and the higher the ladder you climb each step becomes less about you and more about everyone else. As an example when you start out I think you are trying to find your path, get yourself educated, make money, support your family etc. As you move up each step those things tend to shift or should shift. You spend more time educating your team and setting them up for success becoming less concerned about your career and more concerned about setting them up for theirs. I don’t think you care any less about your career I just don’t think you are as focused on it.

The satisfaction on the things you accomplish means a little less and the things you see your past and current team accomplish means a lot more. The opportunity we all have to change someone’s life whether it be personally or professionally takes on new meaning. We are going into budget prep now and I have assigned my guys the R&M budget to pitch to me so they gain experience on both understanding the costs but also learning how to explain those costs. I have been doing that for quite a few years now as I feel that when they leave this is an important thing to know and understand. It’s great seeing them ask questions and do research trying to dial it all in.

I have taken that approach in consulting as well. Seeing guys apply the things they have learned and email me with pictures or having a Superintendent call and tell me how great things are going is just something you don’t get tired of hearing. Even the struggles and being able to help Technicians and Superintendents understand each other (yes can you believe that’s an issue? lol). When it ends up working out that feels better than any accomplishment in my own career. I think its because helping people is what our industry is and should be all about.

I have my goods and bads with Twitter these days as well. The goods being seeing others share there inventions or share things that have worked for them or even sharing their hard times and issues and the bads being people that feel they need to tear those people down or tell them “who cares”. The keyboard cowboys who rarely have anything to contribute or positive to say but rather start issues with associations or people. I don’t know about you but there is strength in numbers and I would rather be one of those people that lifts people up vs tear people down. You never know when we might need help ourselves. Reality is that it is lonely at the top if you are there by yourself!

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