Updating Workbenches

Safe workbenches are a necessity for any shop not just in the golf business. One of the key things I try to look at when I begin my process of reorganizing and rebuilding a workshop is to first outline the items that need the most attention or that we do not have. Of those important items Safety concerns are always looked at first. The last thing I want to happen is someone get hurt while working. This is my responsibility for my staff to have a safe work place. What I noticed is that all the work benches we had were custom made but the legs were bowing, tops were sagging and were very flimsy. When throwing a reel on top of the table this really gives us some potential problems. In addition to that we did not have a “working” vise in the shop. Either the Jaws were broken or it was all together inoperable. Take a look below at the table which we replaced that was used for cutting unit set-up.

The tables I went with are tables that I have used at the last 3 golf facilities I have been at over the last 10 years. These tables are still in use at all the facilities and outside of scratches are in the same shape they were when we bought them. The thing I look at when purchasing items for the shop is not just the price but longevity. The last thing I want to do is ask to buy new benches every 3-5 years. I want to buy something one time and that be the last time we need to buy them. Overall it saves the company money over the long term and we stay safe, productive and financially responsible. The table pictured below is a smaller table that we will be using for assembling and disassembling bed knives and on some occasions cutting units. We will be installing some small drawers on the bottom shelf of the new bench to house all of our bedknife screws as well so everything we need is easily accessible.


The benches are made by Stronghold. They make all sorts of work benches and custom make different styles as well. The past work benches I ordered at other facilities were custom made with stainless steel tops. However with so many needs currently I elected to spend a little less and just go with the standard top which I feel will meet our needs just fine. The bench below is what we will be putting between our lift stations. We have 2 lifts and we are making those into work stations with each work station complete with table/vise, lift, tools, etc and each tech will have their own area to maintain. This will allow for some personal pride in their area as well as the ability to manage their areas how it suits them best. In order to get the most out of people they need to have a sense of ownership and that they are responsible for something. So I feel by providing them with the tools and things needed to be successful we can accomplish more as a team and function in that manner vs everyone for themselves.

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