Leveling Cutting Units – Time to Change Standards

I have been here at the Four Seasons for around 4 months now and so the time is coming to begin changing the standards at which we set-up cutting units. For those that know me you are aware that I can’t except cutting units that are not perfect out of the gate and here will be no exception. It has been a challenge thus far getting everything organized and we are still only about half way done. I will have more pictures on the changes we are making once they are completed.

After purchasing the leveling table when I first arrived we have finally got it prepared to begin proper leveling of the cutting units. Using it the first time I had no expectations I really had no idea how close they would be so I started with our new cutting units that have been here for about a month. What I found is it is true no matter where you go golf courses distributors alike struggle with leveling cutting units. The single most important thing about a cutting unit it seems everyone struggles with. The reels were anywhere from as high as .070 out of square to as low as .007. They were in all kinds of variations. Over the next month we will finish preparing all of our reels to within .005 of parallel but it just goes to show you that this area is always severely neglected no matter where you are.

Here are some pictures of the leveling table:

leveling table bracket

Bracket used to check reel HOC “in situation”


The leveling table is 36″ x 36″ and was purchased at MSC Industrial. The table is made by Starrett and is within .000141 flatness tolerance. The cart is also order from MSC with us making the bolt on bracket pictured above.

Previous Height of Cut Gauges Head to Production
Next Height of Cut Gauge Changes

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