Preventive Maintenance Program Completed

My Preventive Maintenance Program is finally completed. Well I have been here for over 6 months now certainly with plenty of things to get accomplished. The biggest of those is now complete. I spent the first 6 months working on identifying equipment that we were keeping, replacing and such to really define our core equipment we would be managing. In an operation this size where equipment is purchased it is common to hold on to things much longer than you should. One of the first things I tired to do was shrink our fleet size down to what our real needs are so we can concentrate the R&M dollars on those vs trying to patch equipment when it breaks never really having the funds to do proper repairs due to the size of the fleet. This seems to be a common problem in the golf industry that we don’t get rid of anything we keep it. The problem is it costs us more money to maintain.

So now that we have narrowed the fleet down I put together an equipment inventory list that every course should have. Complete with equipment number, serial number, hours, cost to replace, and model. In the next year we will also add expected hours of use per year.This will give us an idea of when equipment will need to be replaced so we can build a proper 5 and 10 year replacement plan if we choose to continue purchasing equipment.

Once that was complete I began entering our equipment into the MyTurf TCO preventive maintenance program. This program I used at the last facility and was part of the beta testing team. The program does a few things that I really like:

  • Online – I can access anywhere
  • Easy to enter information
  • Service schedules are already in so saves on data entry.
  • Allows for wireless hour meter upgrading – we will be doing this.
  • Ties in Toro’s TLC points
  • Online Parts ordering. This is huge for me I hate wasting time on the phone.

So after a little time and effort we are now fully up and running with our new PM program.

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