So Who’s Bringing Their Tech?

Well we are getting to that time of the year again where we start preparing for all the Trade Shows. This year will be my busiest year since I got in the business attending BTME in England, GIS in Orlando, and the Canadian Conference in Vancouver delivering some seminars and giving away awards. I have noticed an uptick in the need for technician related education this year as compared to previous years as I have received a lot of requests this year some of which I have had to give to other colleagues or turn down just due to the time I have available. While I am glad to see the industry finally understanding the importance of Technician Education one has to wonder if we will see more technicians at the shows this year as more starts to be offered for them.

Orlando being a prime example. With the number of golf courses in Florida and Orlando being a central spot in the state this years show should be swarming with technicians. My guess though is that we may see a few more but the word “swarming” seems to be a bit much. I have never understood the reluctance to bring a technician to the shows especially when it is close to home. You can’t really use the we can’t afford to send you line. IGCEMA gets an allotment of tickets that we give out to our technician members attending the show that gets them in at no cost to the Trade Show and we have yet to give all of them out. I mean it’s FREE and we still can’t get techs there?

I read on the forums about struggles clubs are having, can’t find a tech, tech isn’t engaged, need of a better one but yet we don’t seem to give them the opportunity to improve. My question is if your technician doesn’t get exposed to the education available and it’s because your not giving him the opportunity to learn more and get educated how can you continue to expect more? In an industry that is growing leaps and bounds with technology I believe if I was in charge I would be doing whatever I could to make sure my staff were up to date so we don’t suffer for it in the future.

My advice this month is figure out a way to get your tech to the show. Have him join IGCEMA and submit a request for a ticket if its GIS or if its at one of the other shows that are close take him with you. Sit down with your tech and plan his education for the week or tell him what booths you want him to visit on the show floor. Or have him attend our FREE session at GIS on cutting units Monday of the show or if in Canada there is a whole technicians program outlined. If you don’t know what programs your tech should take email me I would be happy to help you but figure out a way to get them there we can’t continue to grow their education if your not willing to take them with you. I wish everyone a great New Year.

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