Getting Settled In

As promised in the coming few days I will begin updating my blog again. My family and I are just getting settled in. My first 3 days were quite busy with Orientation at the Four Seasons Resort and Club to learn about the property, the company, and the operation.

My first week we were living out of the hotel which many would say is great and it is however I think when you are on vacation it is great to enjoy but when you are working you just want to be home. Our furniture and such showed up last Saturday so we have began the unpacking of boxes and such.

The first 2 weeks of work have consisted of just learning how things go and what programs I need to implement as we begin on the road of improvement. Most of our equipment is quite a few years old and has quite a few issues that we are working on trying to create some consistency with. Next week begins the transformation of out with the old and in with the new. I tend to do things slowly so the staff see the changes and understand why we are implementing them. So it will be a time of education and learning as well as a transition to raising the level of quality one machine at a time. So get ready for the pictures they are coming soon. As I will be going over the next few months challenges and changes as we make them.

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