Utilizing Technology to Improve Your Operation

We hear it everyday how everything continues to advance and how so many are utilizing technology to improve their operation. I would say that I am definitely one that is always looking at technology to help improve our operation. There is great technology and then I believe there is overkill. There are things out there that can make our lives easier if used in the right way and then there are “bells and whistles” that look flashy and sometimes they work but end up a waste of money.

In saying that I believe we probably have one of the most technology driven hotels in the world here in Orlando. I mean you can order room service, have valet pull up your car, make dinner reservations and many other things by just using the iPad that is now in every guest room. You can also not worry about missing the news in the morning or your favorite TV show while you brush your teeth because you can watch it in the mirror in the bathroom. Have an issue like your A/C isn’t working in your room? Don’t worry call the front desk or use your iPad and request it get checked out. Immediately engineering will get a text for the service call. No more hunting someone down to get it fixed or someone forgetting to do it. I am really impressed at how efficient we can get which has made me take a look at our operations. I mean I can’t let the hotel be more efficient and technology driven than we are? haha

So we have implemented some new systems for managing our operation as well. A couple I will discuss in this blog and some I will save and discuss once they are completed and implemented. The first is that we have installed WiFi at the shop. I know why do we need that right? Well we utilize the Toro MyTurf system for our Preventive Maintenance and repairs. We also have the wireless hour meters installed on our equipment to help minimize our time spent walking around collecting the hours on machines each week. However we have taken it a step further and are utilizing the iPad Air to record our services into the system. As I stated previously it’s one thing to have “Bells and Whistles” its another if you become more efficient utilizing it. So let me explain. Prior to this process I would print out the work orders and the techs would then fill them out (when they were not lost or blowing around the shop). Once they complete the service they then would turn them in where I would have to load up the program and type all the data in and complete the service. Now they can view, edit, and record all the data while they are working on the machine. It takes away 2 steps of our process, saves paper, and saves a lot of time. The one negative thing about PM programs is the time it takes to record all the data. This allows us to save time but also have everything from parts breakdowns to service manuals and parts ordering right at our fingertips. While it is an expense to get this all up and going it is minimal compared to the labor savings and more accurate data we will be able to produce.

iPad Air - Toro My Turf

Toro MyTurf on the iPad Air


The next system we have installed is an online job board (Advanced Scoreboards). The program manages staff, tracks labor hours spent on job tasks and implements that info into a job board. So setting up the job board allows the program to calculate the hours that were entered into the system. If it takes 4 hours to mow fairways it tracks that time every time fairways are assigned to an employee. It does this for every job task you develop in the system and can then output the screen to a TV screen, computer, etc.

These are just 2 of the new systboardems we are implementing into our operation to make us more efficient but at the same time more accurate in our data collection process. So I would encourage everyone to really take a look at the new technology that is available and don’t buy it just because it’s the new thing out or it promises you the ultimate cut. Make sure when you buy it there are some tangible benefits because it can only look good for so long but the data you get from it lasts for years.

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