2014 HP Byron Nelson Championship

This year I wanted to be able to take people behind the scenes of the 2014 HP Byron Nelson Championship. As we all know in the golf industry it takes a lot of work to produce the conditions that everyone sees on television. However how can we expect them to know what we do if we don’t show them? This year we took my GoPro camera around the golf course to show some of the jobs that we do to get ready for a PGA Tour event.


While editing this video I realized that it stills seems much easier than it is so I wanted to add some text to these results as well just to give everyone an idea of what goes on:

Advanced Week – Approximate Hours 65 per person

  • Golf course is mowed every day. (Greens, Tees, Fairways,Intermediate, Approaches)
  • Moisture Checks
  • Bunkers are prepped daily
  • Rough is Mowed
  • Divots are filled
  • Tournaments are going on all week
  • Cart Paths are edged
  • Landscape is added
  • Mulching of beds
  • All reels are ground, leveled and tolerances checked
  • All reels are checked daily
  • Prepare our other golf course for membership. (Cottonwood Valley)
  • Rolling Greens
  • Numerous other detail tasks (trimming trees, cart path ruts, etc)

Tournament Week – Approximate Hours 100 Per person


  • Mow Greens
  • Moisture Checks
  • Bunker Prep
  • Setting Tees
  • Setting Cups
  • Blowing course
  • Dragging Fairways
  • Checking Cut on Fairways, Tees and Approaches, intermediate mower
  • Walkmowing Pro Tees


  • Mow Fairways
  • Mow Tees
  • Mow approaches
  • Blow all
  • Bunker depth checks and prep
  • Roll Greens
  • Moisture Checks
  • flymow bunkers
  • Bring in Flags and Tee markers
  • Mow Intermediate
  • Check Greens mowers
  • Check Collar and Pro Tee Mowers


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